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We are back.

Apologies to all those whose orders remained unanswered; there have been several technical issues and a lot of data disappeared without me even noticing. If you still wish to place your order just use the store once again (it should be working fine now) or contact me through the following address:


Some general notes:
Ashen Productions is no longer a full-time venture at all ... or in fact, if we cut the euphemisms, one could say it has been slowly dying for quite some time now. New items will be added very infrequently (if at all), so this is more like a permanent blowout sale than a fully functional mailorder. Therefore, the following discounts apply to all orders for the time being:

Order over 30 Euro = 5 Euro discount
Order over 50 Euro = 15 Euro discoount
Order over 70 Euro = 20 Euro discount
Order over 100 Euro = 35 Euro discount
Order over 150 Euro = 50 Euro discount

Orders will be shipped once or twice a week since time is sparse and I no longer have the capacities to visit the post office every other day. And thanks to the austrian postal service and their ever changing rates, there won't be a system of fixed shipping rates any longer; each order will be calculated individually from now on. If you want to get an Idea of what to expect, have a look at this calculator:

(Not available in english since the austrian postal service is obviously run by a bunch of retards.)